This is the website of John Dougan. I'm a computer scientist and a Canadian from Vancouver who's been exiled to the insanity of Southern California.

I am fascinated by the differences between beliefs and reality, how the differences arise, what maintains them and how to tell which is which. This interest has led me to investigate many different areas such as economics, timekeeping, and viking history.

Professionally, I mostly hack on Smalltalk systems with an emphasis on object databases and semantic data. My current job is finishing recovering from cataract surgery. My last job was working for Julian Lombardi at Duke as a Research Associate in the Virtual Worlds group. We were building a "Virtual World Browser" application called Cobalt on top of OpenCroquet. The project is still open source and while it has been on hiatus I’m looking at restarting it, building on Matthew Fulmer’s thesis work on making TeaTime more scalable. Outside of work, I'm interested in information architectures, particularly hypertext, NLS, Xanadu and the Semantic Web; software archaeology; command and control of spacecraft, particularly the robot probes; programming languages; and parallel/distributed programming. I used to assist in keeping the Los Angeles Smalltalk User Group running, that was handed off when I had to stop attending.

I've never been much for a net presence, but I seem to have gradually accreted one. So this site is the centralization of a number of other sites, to make it more convenient for people to find me.